What Does an Irrigation Service Technician Do?


An irrigation service technician is someone that oversee property grounds and uses specific equipment to perform their duties.  It will be their job to make sure all watering systems are working correctly. In addition to being responsible for any irrigation system repairs needed.


Anyone working in this position needs to know how to use various tools needed to complete their work. They could be responsible for using irrigation controllers, pipes, and sprinkler heads. They could work on the valves, and various different tractors and mowers. They could also work on electrical wiring that pertains to an irrigation system. So they will need to know all the right sizes for parts installations, to make sure everything works well throughout the entire irrigation process.


While using irrigation systems daily, an irrigation service technician will need to read the various gauges and monitors, which relate to each irrigation system. They will be tasked to ensure all the systems are working at the right levels. They could also be the one to communicate with other employees, to make sure everything is properly coordinated. Irrigation needs will differ greatly, depending on the season, which means the irrigation technician will be the one responsible for maintaining good working relationships with every property owner.


An irrigation technician will be expected to be skilled in the installation and troubleshooting of every irrigation system. They will perform frequent testing on every system function, in order to keep optimum productivity. They could have to work with heavy machinery, like a trencher or dump truck to  install required irrigation utilities. And could be the one responsible for using parts and methods, that will be in keeping with local rules and regulations.


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